About Us

We are STIG!

Enjoy STIG responsibly!

Tobacco has existed for the last 2000 years, cigarettes for over 100. People have always been attracted to things which cause pleasure, without ever really considering the consequences of those pleasures.

In the last 30 years or so have we truly understood the detrimental effects of smoking. Even with all of this being public knowledge, even with all of the anti-smoking & prevention campaigns, tobacco use is still prevalent today, mainly in the form of cigarettes.

Fast forward to today, where not only are our phones smart and our vacuums robots, the cigarette has also been revolutionized. Welcome to the age of digital smoking.

We at STIG believe that people are inherently good, want to live a life filled with happiness, joy and comfort. Unfortunately, our biological brains are wired with some deficiencies, which make us do those things that might not be that healthy for us.

We believe that people should have a choice, an alternative to enjoy what they are doing, with minimal consequences. We understand that a world without tobacco and nicotine would be a better world.

But we also understand that reality is different.

At STIG, all we offer is choice!

What is a STIG?

The STIG pod was created for those who are seeking a minimalistic solution to vaping. It is a very small disposable pod device with a low wattage battery. The STIG is made to be extremely easy to use and convenient for those seeking a solution for a healthier lifestyle. For this reason, STIG does not have any buttons, does not require charging or filling. It is an on-draw activated device that has a pre-charged battery and is filled with 1.2 ml of SaltNic’s nicotine blended e-liquid formula. No maintenance is required and when the STIG is depleted of its liquid, it can simply be thrown away.



STIG is the ultimate solution to a carefree vaping experience for those who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes. The STIG can be held like a cigarette and the on-draw mouth feel when using the STIG replicates the action of smoking. In keeping with the regular routine of what feels like smoking, the STIG is of tremendous assistance to anyone making a transition. And, the STIG initiates a satisfying nicotine transfer with 6% nicotine per volume. It is equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes in a simplistic mini pod that comes in a pack of three. Therefore, when purchasing a pack of STIG’s, you receive what is comparable to three packs of cigarettes. Altogether, the STIG is an advantageous device at an incredible value.


We are looking to partner up with distributors who want a product that flies off the shelves, with AMAZING margins! A product that keeps people coming back for more!

We work exclusively with only a few distributors per country to control price and the overall flow of goods. Providing a pricing structure which protects all parties.

Let’s work together to take this industry to the next level!