Tropical Mango XL

Flavor Description

Transition from Smoking Cigarettes

STIG is the ultimate solution to a carefree vaping experience for those who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes. The STIG can be held like a cigarette and the on-draw mouth feel when using the STIG replicates the action of smoking. In keeping with the regular routine of what feels like smoking, the STIG is of tremendous assistance to anyone making a transition.

Satisfying Nicotine Transfer

The STIG initiates a satisfying nicotine transfer with 2-6% nicotine per volume. It is equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes in a simplistic mini pod that comes in a pack of three. Therefore, when purchasing a pack of STIG’s, you receive what is comparable to three packs of cigarettes. Altogether, the STIG is an advantageous device at an incredible value.

Unparalleled Battery Life

The STIG’s mini battery will endure for a significant amount of time until all the e-liquid is enjoyed. It is also highly dependent on the user’s vaping habits, but the STIG will offer at least 270 puffs per pod. We at STIG always recommend to vape in moderation and enjoy your active lifestyle.